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Operating Gazprom Neft’s lubricants business, particularly automotive oils production and distribution, Gazpromneft Lubricants unveiled new G-Energy Racing oils for professional use in race and passenger sports cars.

New products have been tested with G-Force Motorsport under the extreme conditions of cross county rallies across the world. G-Energy Racing ensures maximum protection against wear and deposits, maintains the its high performance under the highest loads.

Corporate Video

Russian Cross Country Rally Championship
2nd Round
17-20 April, Astrakhan, Russia

Alexander Trukhan, General Director, Gazpromneft Lubricants:
Racing competition proves to be the best testing ground for any lubricant supplier. And it’s also one of the best ways to promote a lubricant brand.

Boris Gadasin, team co-founder, driver:
Gazpromneft Lubricants is the first Russian company to design lubricants specifically for high-powered race engines.

Vladimir Vasiliev, team co-founder, driver:
Racing is the most extreme testing condition. You do not take care of your car, you drive flat out.

Alexey Kuzmich, co-driver:
The Astrakhan round is the jewel of Russian rally raids. It lasts for three days and a half. – Tough days. Hard tracks, about 300 km each. These are among the most heavies sand tracks in Russia.

Boris Gadasin, team co-founder, driver:
G-Force Motorsport project was started in 2009.

Vladimir Vasiliev, team co-founder, driver:
We perform under the Russian flag. We’re a Russian Team. For the first time, last year, Russian team won the World Cup. 

Alexey Ermolenko, team’s chief engineer:
We take part to win. Motorsports is good for you if victory is your goal. Otherwise, you’d better play checkers.

Vladimir Vasiliev, team co-founder, driver:
It’s easier for us with G-Energy support.

Boris Gadasin, team co-founder, driver:
Being a proto car designer, we greatly appreciate G-Energy technical support. G-Energy can be used not only in sports vehicles but premium high-power cars.

Anatoly Smirnov, Deputy Technical Manager:
They are the real fans whom I admire, but… can’t get it. Seems I can’t understand myself…

Boris Gadasin, team co-founder, driver:
I feel young in my 40’s. I don’t have a moment to spare. I don’t know what vacation is like. Can’t imagine how it feels like lying on the sofa. Things are humming! I hope it will last for long… I’m a happy man. This is a good reason to carry on.

Voice Over:
G-Force Motorsport is the Russian Rally-Raid champion and 2012 Cross Country Rally World Cup winner.